Chocolate Superfood Smoothie

Chocolate Superfood Smoothie

3 cups spring or flitered water or nut milk - for a hot smoothie, add gynostemma or chaga tea

3T cacao powder or carob

1T maca

1t cinnamon

1T cacao nibs

1/3 cup cashew nuts

1/3 cup hulled hemp seeds

Pinch salt

1t vanilla

15 drops stevia

Suggested superfoods (you can add your favourites)

1T reishi mushroom powder

1t Ho Shou Wu

1t macuna extract

Piece of fresh aloe vera (optional)


Preparation method

Blend until smooth.

The best way of getting your daily dose of superfoods

Preparation time
5 mns
1 - 2

Put in a flask and take it with you to sustain you through a demanding day. Can be made the night before, ready to grab from the fridge in the morning.