Protein Breakfast Smoothie



1T hulled hemp seeds

1T chia seeds

1T bee pollen

1T maca

1/4C pea protein

1T raw cacao powder

1T raw cacao nibs

1T coconut flakes

1t vanilla extract

1t cinnamon

2T yacon syrup or coconut nectar or 10-12 drops of liquid stevia 

2C filtered or spring water or tonic herb tea such as gynostemma or chaga

pinch Himalayan or sea salt


Optional:  1t Ashwaganda/1t chlorella/pinch of cayenne


Blend the ingredients until smooth.



Protein first thing in the morning will keep your blood sugar balanced until lunch

Preparation time
5 mns

To save time in the morning, made with up the night before and keep in the fridge