Detoxing Made Easy


When more toxins enter the body than leave, toxins build up in the organs and cells, and ill health results.

Detox Step One:

Start by not putting the bad stuff in:

  • animal products, including dairy
  • refined and processed foods
  • gluten – pasta, pastry and especially bread
  • black tea, coffee, alcohol, fizzy drinks
  • non organic personal hygiene products
  • using chemical cleaning products in your home
  • chemical hair dyes and make up
  • wearing synthetic clothes next to your skin
  • tap water

Detox Step Two:

Replace the bad stuff with good stuff:

Detox Step Three – boosters:

  • breathe well
  • keep your colon clean
  • regularly fasting on juices, smoothies and teas for 1 or more days
  • daily fasting for 16 hours by replacing breakfast or supper with water, a juice or smoothie
  • exercise – rebounding is the ultimate detoxifier
  • take saunas 
  • get a good night’s sleep

Toxins leave the body through the organs of elimination:

  • Lungs – 70%
  • Skin – 20%
  • Colon – 7% 
  • Kidneys – 3%