Toxins out more than toxins in plus process

Toxins in:

  • Synthetic clothing
  • Toxic food/drinks – fried, microwaved, processed, packaged, pre-cooked, non organic, industrial food
  • Air pollution
  • Furniture/carpets
  • Alcohol, coffee, tobacco
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Non stick cookware
  • Tap water
  • Plastic leached from water bottles and plastic containers
  • EMS from computers, phones, electric blankets, even hair dryers
  • Beauty and cleaning products



  • Undigested food – bad food combining, chewing
  • Catabolic cellular debris
  • Yeast infections and parasites
  • Mucoid plaque in the intestines
  • Stress, negative thoughts

Toxins Out:

  • 70% through the lungs
  • 20% through the skin
  • 7% through the colon
  • 3% through the kidneys



Fasting is abstaining from food, either all food or certain foods.  If the organs of elimination are blocked detoxification cannot occur.  Important to keep the bowels moving during a detox, otherwise the toxins will be reabsorbed by the body.


Feel better, look better.  When your body is clean you need less food, sleep, exercise and you have more energy.  Clear skin, no aches and pains, good digestion, strong immune system, good health.



Headaches; nausea; tiredness, skin rashes, flu like symptoms, emotions.


We are getting sicker and sicker.  We live in a very toxic world, build up of toxins make us ill.  The food industry spends billions on persuading us their food is safe and healthy.


When it is not digesting food, especially at night.


Anyone being treated by the doctor, who is on pharmaceuticals, pregnant or breast feeding should consult a doctor.


Retreat – support, no distractions, someone else makes your juices, therapies, yoga, saunas, plenty of rest

At home – juices, juices/smoothies/soups/salads – need to set time aside for rest and avoid distractions


No or restricted calories for 1-2 days a week.


The body is designed to detox every day, especially every night

Work with your body to detox daily

  • Lungs – breathe deeply and slowly
  • Skin – dry skin brush, sweat, sauna, use natural moisturisers
  • Kidneys – drink 1 litre of good quality water first thing, ½ litre ½ an hour before lunch/supper. After strenuous exercise, saunas.
  • Colon – use a natural laxative such as plant based vitamin C or magnesium
  • Keep the lymph moving. Your lymph system is your sewage system.  Rebounding, yoga, dancing, walking, etc.
  • Eat fresh, organic food, preferably plant based, preferably raw – no fake or phoney food made in a factory
  • Green juice
  • Ideally eat your first meal between 7 and 9am when your stomach meridian is active
  • Ideally at your second meal between 1 and 3pm when your small intestine meridian is active
  • If you feel a dip in energy after mid afternoon, breathe, drink water and if you feel you need to eat, make it light and easily digestible – blended soup, superfood smoothie, green juice or smoothie
  • Eat your last meal at least 4-5 hours before you go to bed. The body can’t digest and detox at the same time.
  • Chew your food slowly and carefully
  • Scrap your tongue and oil pull (swish coconut or sesame oil around in your mouth for 10-20 mns)
  • Eat fermented foods and drink fermented drinks – sauerkraut, kombucha tea, kefir



The small intestine should be clear before doing a liver cleanse.  Blended foods or green juices plus herbal intestinal cleanser.

Extracts of dandelion cleanse the liver and kidneys.  If you live in an area free from pesticides, eat the dandelion leaves, flowers and flower stalks from your garden.  Juice the leaves.  Failing that, dandelion herbal extract.

Parsley tea cleanses the kidneys.

Herbal cleanses that are easy to do are available from



  • After a period of overindulgence or when you aren’t feeling great
  • Choose a time with minimum distractions and rest opportunities
  • Waning moon
  • Spring and autumn equinoxes – 20 March and 22 September, 10 days either side


Take it easy – easily digestible food and not too much.  No stimulants, no artificial food.


RESOURCES: – Heath Force Intestinal Drawing Formula and Movement Formula – Digestive Health booklet, magnesium colon cleanser and supporting supplements – triphala powder- Ayurvedic colon cleansing herbs – Blessed Herbs detox – superfoods supplied by Justin Zawelski, Holywood,  Co Down  – organic vegetables delivered to your door or from St George’s Market, Belfast, on Saturdays – spring water, contact – suppliers of local seaweed (NI)– seaweed from Donegal – seaweed from Sligo including seaweed bath packs

Isle of Magee seaweed is also available from Ann McCombe, St George’s Market, Belfast, on Saturdays.

Elwin Robinson’s online course on detoxing: – EMS protectors – learn how to ferment fruits and vegetables, make delicious healthy drinks for your family, chutneys, yoghurt and cheeses

Colonics in Belfast:,…/colonic-hydrotherapy/‎

DETOX RETREATS: – Devon           – Somerset – Westport                  – Spain, France and Italy – Turkey



  • Start each day by alkalising the body – pure baking soda in water, liquid chlorophyll, algae or wheat/barley grass powder in water, green juice, green smoothie
  • Breathe deeply and slowly
  • Keep your colon clear
  • Eliminate through your skin (saunas, dry skin brushing, sweating)
  • Hydrate – 1 litre of water first thing and ½ a litre ½ an hour before meals
  • Add seaweed to your diet – soups, salads, any food cooked or raw
  • Eat wild foods – they are probably growing in your garden! Add them to salads and juices – dandelions, nettles, chickweed, blackberries, wild garlic
  • Add fermented foods and drinks into your diet
  • Get rid of all toxic cleaning and personal hygiene products (by products of the petrochemical industry)
  • Clear the kitchen cupboards of fake/phoney food
  • Juice daily
  • Eat food that is high in nutrition and easy to digest
  • Chew your food well, very well
  • Don’t eat when you are stressed or in a rush
  • For optimal digestion, eat your first meal between 7 and 9 am, the second between 1 and 3pm. If you need another, eat very lightly (soup, green smoothie or juice, salad) and no less than 4-5 hours before you go to bed.
  • Buy organic whenever possible. Non organic animal products are more toxic than non organic vegetables
  • Use natural products on your skin – organic coconut oil, sesame oil, argan oil, etc.
  • Wear natural fibres next to your skin
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Minimise Electro Magnetic Smog – turn off your phone and wi-fi when not in use. Switch from a cordless phone to a corded one.  Keep your phone 6” away from your body.
  • Cut down on your technology time – phones/computers are tools not crutches, life functions quite well without them, try it.
  • Ditch the microwave
  • Eliminate plastic in your life as much as you can – cling film, plastic food containers, plastic bags
  • Be kind – it is extremely beneficial to your health and rebounds back to you
  • Always look on the bright side of life